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Christian and Kara Sabo met in 2011 working at the Casper Humane Society in Casper, Wyoming. Kara was from Wheatland, Wyoming where her family built, owned and operated a large indoor equine center, Top Hatt Arena. There they bred, trained, taught, and hosted equine events of all types. Her mother professionally trained cutting horses and the family would travel for years showing. Her and her sister grew up competing in rodeo, cutting, 4H, FFA, and any western events they could. Christian grew up in Casper, Wyoming working from a very young age. He loved being outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting, and working on vehicles. Christian also found passion in woodworking and welding, and always had a love for animals. He decided to join the US Air Force after completing his GED. In the time before leaving for basic training he decided to work at the local animal shelter. There the couple bonded over their fondness for caring for animals, this sparked their amazing love story. 
Christian was scheduled to leave for the United States Air Force basic training in November of 2011 so the time they had was short.  Upon graduating basic training, he moved to two different technical schools before getting his first base assignment in Northern California.  Chris and Kara would marry in June of 2012 and make the move to their new life on the West Coast. 
The Sabo's lived in California for five years before getting their next base assignment in beautiful Germany. There they would thrive for four years, traveling and meeting new people. They had their first baby in the 2020 before making their move back stateside to Delaware.
When the new family found out they were moving to Delaware they had no idea what to expect. They began shopping for houses online and found a "fixer-upper" outside of Felton, De. In the pictures they couldn't help but notice the barn and horse pasture backing their potential new home. They made the decision to buy the house sight unseen, with the help of their realtor and longtime friend they signed the papers and purchased the home. 
Upon moving to Felton, they were instantly welcomed with open arms from all of their neighbors. When they went to meet their neighbor Cindy, she was warm and welcoming, inviting them to frequent the barn they had seen in the pictures as much as they wanted. The barn was home to four rescue horses, Sphynx, Gunner, Kiati and Sparkles. Cindy was the owner and operator of Second Chance Ranch a special horse rescue she started in 2013. She was excited that Kara had years of experience with horses and invited her to work with hers whenever she wanted. She also cherished Christian's extreme helpfulness and handy-man skills around the property. There was no denying the couple loved being a part of her operation. 
This could not mean more to the Sabo family when Cindy asked them if they were interested in purchasing the neighboring land, barn, and horse rescue when she made her move to be closer to family. They had been waiting 10 years to return to the lifestyle they left behind in Wyoming and dreamed of raising their children surrounded by the things they both loved so much.
In May of 2022 their dream came true.

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