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Thank You for Supporting our Cause


Bear Country Home Health is a small business located in Casper, Wyoming.
They helped cover a large cost of the new pasture making it possible to move forward with our goals. They can often be found supporting many great causes outside of caring for those who can not care for themselves, ranging from animals to veterans, we hugely appreciate them and their loving nature.


This wonderful family from Florida made a very generous donation towards our development of the new horse pasture.
They are compassionate towards all animals and make it possible for us to support our equine friends.


This family is another amazing supporter of the Second Chance Ranch making a wonderful donation towards the aid of our new pasture. They are big supporters of our cause and we greatly appreciate them and their kindness.


The Carter Family made a outstanding donation to our cause and have been long time supporters of the rescue.
They were able to see it born and continue to help in every way they can. We greatly appreciate them.


A retired educator who adores animals, Ms. Plumline has been an amazing supporter of the rescue. 


Sandy can always be seen in the front of line when it comes to helping, especially those who are in the care and aide of animals. She has been a long time supporter of local animal rescues and has adopted before herself, she is a major supporter of our cause.


Our president and biggest fundraiser, fan, stall hand, and bringer of treats.

Brie and Erienne Kilgore

Thank you for the donation on your behalf.


Kathy is our head volunteer, fundraiser, barn hand, and horse girl. She works with the horses weekly and is a huge part of why our organization thrives.


As the owners and operators we are responsible for also putting our donation in, we are happy to help make this cause successful.

Kacy Hatten

Cowgirl if there ever was one, Kacy is a major supporter of the rescue. Not only did she make monitory donations but she also visited the farm and helped optimize animal care, barn organization, and general well being for all.

Jacob Sams

Thank you

McKendry Family

Thank you

Sonja Felser

Thank you

And to our private donors, thank you for your generosity. We greatly appreciate you and we would not be able to do it without you.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

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