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Here you will find information about our adoptable residents, however, the best way to get to know any of these special residents is through an in person visit.

Schedule your Farm Visit here:

Before any of our rescues are adopted to new homes, they must pass an "adoption exam", a six step program that helps us give as much information to potential adopters. The adoption exam includes, but is not limited to: ground work, grooming (farrier, vet checks, bathing, etc.), rideability, socializing (with horses, other animals, humans, etc.) trailering, and safety. 


Non-Rideable, Companion


AGE: 8 years old

GENDER: Gelding

BREED: Unknown, Paint QH cross


LEVEL NEEDED: Confident Intermediate to Advanced 

Adoption Fee: $1,200


Gunner came to Second Chance out of the auction house cycle in 2021. The condition or severity of his eye sight was unknown, but after vet evaluation it has been determined he has cataracts in both eyes. 

He is able to see shapes and is getting stronger every day in his verbal cues. He stands for the farrier and vet with consistent work.

Gunner is happiest with other equine. He can be a little pushy and playful with his pasture mates, but has been with horses, a pony and more recently became friends with a donkey. 

He thrives on routine and goes from stall to pasture well. He is a beautiful boy who would love to make someone a companion.


Presumed Rideable, untested


AGE: 19 years old

GENDER: Gelding

BREED: Friesian 

HEIGHT: 17 hands


Adoption Fee: $3,000


Augustos aka Gus was surrendered to 2CR in January 2024. He was thought to be a police officer horse in Ohio for 4 years before making his way East. He was purchased in New Holland the end of the summer, 2023. He was passed between 2 homes before making his way to us. 

We will work with Gus and note any progress here for potential future adopters. As of right now, we can say he is great to trailer, has really good manners on the halter, and is mostly agreeable with other horses. This is all a snapshot as we have not had him long but we will keep you posted!  




AGE: 2.5 years old

GENDER: Gelding

BREED: Spotted Donkey


LEVEL NEEDED: Beginner to Advanced

Adoption Fee: $1,700  ADOPTED


Faulkenberry came to Second Chance from Lebanon, PA after being pulled from the auction house  cycle. It is the first time we have had a donkey resident and hopefully not the last. 

Faulkenberry was very scared and skinny after we saved him, but with a lot of patience and good food he has reached his idea weight and is a wonderful presence here for everyone. 




AGE: 17 years old


BREED: QH / Appaloosa cross


LEVEL NEEDED: Confident Intermediate to Advanced

Adoption Fee: $3,000


Sparkles came to Second Chance from a horse hording situation in Maryland. It was unknown if she was rideable but after some work, our founder Cindy was able to ride her. Since taking over the rescue in 2022, Kara and Chris have been working with Sparkles and riding her regularly. She is used to give riding lessons and will be shown at the 2023 Delaware State Fair. 

Sparkles is an older mare with unknown history. She has some vices and would be best for a confident intermediate to advanced rider or a family that has experience. 


Not Yet Rideable, Companion


AGE: 28 years old


BREED: Unknown, QH cross

HEIGHT: 15.3


Adoption Fee: $1,500


Reba came to Second Chance out of the auction house kill pen in July 2023. Her physical condition was near death but her spirit was full of love and the will to live.

Reba was seen by our vet and evaluated to have a few different health issues that we are taking care of one at a time. She has about 100 pounds to gain before she starts her riding program, so for now we just enjoy her loving personality and continue to make her as healthy as possible. She stands for the farrier, has had her teeth done, is very affectionate towards people of all ages and genders, loves her pasture mates and all animals. She is quite a wonderful girl. 

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